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Italy Star Association (East Hants)

Italy Star Medal
"When you walk through country lanes so green, remember us, and think what might have been.

We do remember them.
Welcome to our site!

Our mission is to foster the comradeship formed during the war years by means of social activities, reunions, remembrance meetings etc.
We meet at the Royal British Legion Club at Sixth Avenue,  in  Cosham,  Portsmouth,  on  the  first Wednesday  of  the  month  at  11.45am  - 1pm.
Membership is open to all  veterans who served  in  Italy during 1943/1945, and are entitled to wear the Italy Star medal.
Relatives of Italy Star veterans are very welcome as Associate Members.

If you are ex-service and need help, the Royal British Legion can offer assistance. Click here:  

Looking for Someone? Click Here:

Boats 3
Sailing at Portsmouth

For more information and to become a member contact:
Mrs A Daniels
4 Winterbourne Road
Phone:  023 9237 5680

Please get in touch, come to a meeting, a warm wellcome awaits you!